Sunday, June 5, 2011


A feeling of the most difficult to interpret is the feelings between friends or lovers. My own are sometimes confused with my own feelings towards a friends. He is my best friend since primary school. So now we call each other. In recent years he often asked me if I had not loved or not. I do not know the answer I should give. I was confused by my feelings towards him. Is a just friend or more than a friend? I believe the word of pearls, when we love our friends should keep that feeling coz love can damage the friendship that has been bestowed by God.

Frankly, I’m establishing a relationship with someone from 2 years ago. Someone’s who is too nice to me. Our relationship also begins with friendship. Thank God for this a gift. He was so special to me. Hope he does not hurt me with his love. I hope he also understands my neglected.

Sometimes there is a sense of wasting time loving people who are not sure to be ours, right? Love for us is confused. Love also made us feel happy, love make us to smile. But we must remember love can make us cry.

For F [not his real name], between us there is a lasting friendship. This is not likely to be separated. Really appreciate you as a friend who is perfect for me. Thank you to being my friend until now. Even if you do not ever say that you are my best friend, but I still consider you as my best friend. I love you la kawan.

I hope a relationship between me the A is not the barrier for me to make friends with many you to so much.

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