Friday, September 28, 2012


i wish i can be a writer.
i wish i can create writings that help readers to understand my feelings.
the writings that can help my readers to find their way out.
the writings that help readers to take things in a positive way.
the writings which help people find their own solution.

i wrote about love. relationship. peace. shops. merchandise.
i want to write everything.
my thoughts. my expressions. my advices.

the world seems funny.
we never realised about that until we come into our senses.
we see world as beautiful.
we see world as very elegant.

but we forgot.
this word is a cheater.
like a snow globe,
we see this world as something diligently beautiful.
but we forget.
along comes with the beauty,
there are hardships, lies, exploitation, greed.

we need to see the other side of this world.
before we start to indulge deep into it.
before we start falling in love with it.

                  Lots of love,
Fadiela Faizal
~ Gadis biasa yang suka pada bulan + pantai & addicted with purple damn much ~

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